DreamLeague Group Stage Recap

DreamLeague is delivering a few high quality Dota. You will find unexpected group results, reinvigorated expects and even some brand new, careful meta developments. Now we’d like to talk about the group stage of the championship and determine what things to anticipate from the primary event.


Na’Vi took place in their group and should we Aren’t confused, it’s the first time that this team will begin a DPC tournament operate in the top bracket. It was not a feeble group and Na’Vi needed to win both Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid at a bo3 to reach the top. The latter were forced to begin the tournament at the lower bracket.


Talking of SEA: for a reason both Fnatic and TNC Predator discovered themselves at precisely the identical group. Much more interestingly, these teams did not need to play each other whatsoever, with TNC becoming quickly forced to the lower bracket by Nigma and Aster.


A total of 92 personalities have been contested during the Group period and 88 distinct personalities were played at the championship thus far. This outcome is far from perfect, obviously, and we expect there are still a few pocket strategies stored by the groups for the playoff phase.

On top of it, six personalities had a competition rate of 80%+. No hero was in a 100%, that can be great, but equally Slark and Doom got unbelievably close with 93 percent each.


The Start of the patch was chaotic with Frequent modifications to both the old and new game mechanics. Our first impression and statistics demonstrated that the match got briefer: there were far more funds on the mapthere were far more goals to struggle for which meant you’re better off choosing heroes with higher teamfight possible who may come on the internet quickly.

Even though for the most part it holds true, the Latter changes to the way Outposts and Bounty Runes behave tamed the speed of this match. Yet the custom stayed and only now do we see groups break out of the comfort zone with selections that are deemed unviable at the onset of the patch.


We think DreamLeague nevertheless has a great deal to show us There are a few extraordinary teams, who might need to initiate the championship run from the lower bracket and they definitely have some hot strategies ready for these events.