How Dan Snyder Raised the Bar Of NFL Team Ownership

When Dan Snyder purchased the Washington, D.C., football team in 1999, it was a logical and heartfelt step driven by his passion for the game. He had accompanied his father to many of the team’s games when he was a child, so he knew he wanted football to remain a regular part of his life.

Since the day he took ownership, Snyder has not only contributed significantly to improvements for the team, the stadium, and fans, he has also given his financial support to charity groups in the community and well beyond.

Compassion Fueled Dan Snyder’s Philanthropy

During this unprecedented time in history, Snyder has donated $100,000 to the Capital Area Food Bank, ensuring that families hit by the economic hardships of COVID-19 have food to eat. After George Floyd’s murder, he gave $250,000 to support a grassroots movement to raise awareness about social injustice in the community. Going further still, he aided the Maryland National Guard in setting up a testing site at FedExField for Prince George County.

However, his generosity began much earlier. Dan Snyder created the Washington Charitable Foundation in 2000. At that time, he united his football team with corporate and community partners to fulfill his mission of making a positive difference in the lives of youth in Washington, D.C.

The foundation has gone on to host more than 115 workshops in schools to increase the literacy of over 38,000 4th and 5th graders. The foundation also created a health and wellness program for more than 12,000 middle schoolers.

Dan Snyder also created a program called Loads of Love and installed laundry facilities in many schools to help out homeless children.

Supporting other charities with raised earnings from the team

He has given continued support to the Beacon House Residential School and Counseling Center in Bristow, Virginia. His funding has helped at-risk and homeless students get the care they need throughout the year. Because of this, the center presented him with the Youth For Tomorrow’s Distinguished Leader award.

His love of the community continued in stalwart fashion when he helped restore Ashburn Colored School in Loudon County, Virginia, after it received extensive damage from vandalism. Snyder’s $35,000 gift made it possible to rebuild.

Snyder’s commitment to helping those less fortunate remains steadfast. While on the board of directors for the Children’s National Hospital, he funded the Snyder Family Emergency Medicine and Trauma Center and received the Charles B. Wang International Children’s Award.

In 2-13, Daniel Snyder also moved the Washington Football training camp to Richmond, Virginia, at the Bon Secours Training Center and invited over 165,000 fans to observe practices. Outreach by the Charitable Foundation offered programs for over 5000 kids and cheerleaders, as well as allowed over 200 high school coaches to participate in a concussion clinic run by the team.

Dan Snyder desires to honor American heroes

To show his support for our troops, he created Salute, an NFL program to honor the military community at FedExField with appreciation events, re-enlistment ceremonies, and pre-game parties to celebrate their service and show respect.

Snyder’s generosity didn’t end at America’s borders. After the destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean, he made sure emergency supplies got delivered throughout the islands. Some were given in person by team players.

Business Acumen is Another Strong Suit for Snyder

With a flair for marketing and media, Snyder enjoys appointments to the NFL committees for media, business ventures, digital media, and the Hall of Fame. He has a hand in several other private business undertakings as an advisor and investor. In the process, he founded inVentiv Health and Red Zebra Broadcasting, LLC, with airwaves reaching Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia.

When Snyder founded Snyder Communications, he became the youngest CEO on the New York Stock Exchange. His expertise in marketing solutions for businesses attracted 200 clients from the Fortune 500.

His marketing prowess puts his team franchise at the forefront of the NFL. He continues to think of ways to enhance the fan experience, adding new stadium gates and additional parking spaces to ease traffic.

Furthermore, his passion for leaving a positive impact on the community becomes evident by his renovations of the hydrotherapy stations, weight rooms, and more at the Sports Performance Center in Virginia.

Setting an Example in the NFL

Since Dan Snyder purchased the Washington Football Team 21 years ago, his sports franchise has become one of the most renowned and valuable entities in the NFL and the community. At 55 years old, he remains an acclaimed community leader and philanthropist. However, he also holds the beloved titles of father to three children and husband to his wife Tanya; they reside in Potomac, Maryland

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