When is Dr. “Spencer Reid” birthday?

Criminal Minds fans will know that Spencer Reid birthday is celebrated by the BAU team. It is implied that they celebrate Spencer Reid birthday every year in the shows, likely because Spencer is the baby’ of this team. Spencer has been honored more times than once, so there is a canon for his birthday. Fans can’t just choose one from a hat. You can, but it’s more fun to look for clues.

Spencer’s reid birthday is not mentioned 

Some have suggested that Spencer’s birthday falls on October 12th (Plain Sight 4×4). This is the date that the team aired the episode celebrating Spencer’s birthday in 2005. This may be explained by the fact that Spencer’s reid birthday is not mentioned in episode 7, where Emily Prentiss mentions that Spencer was absent. The only other season that has aired an episode in October on the 12th (Painless 7×4) is 2011. The team apparently missed his birthday because they “checked-in” with them on the 12th of October.

This argument collapses almost immediately. Season 1 episode 19 “Machismo”, the date for the characters was November 1, 2, or 3. They are in Mexico immediately following Day of the Dead. The episode aired on April 12. It is obvious that there is no direct correspondence between an episode’s air date and the episode’s episode date. You can find numerous examples, even if they are not as precise, that show there is no correlation between the episode’s air date and the date it was in the episode. The air date season/time/year does not always correspond to the activities taking place. In JJ, a girl can survive for days in the Atlantic off Maryland. There is an implied break from school. The episode airs in September. )

We have now established that there is no correlation between the air date and the ‘in-show’ date. We don’t have any other evidence to support Spencer’s birthday. The fact that Spencer is wearing short sleeves during the episode suggests that it must have been warm outside. It’s a poor attempt at applying it, but it works. Winter never seems to arrive in Washington D.C./Virginia, as shown on the show. Hotch can be seen training for a triathlon wearing summer-weight clothing. It’s supposedly Valentine’s Day a few episodes later. It never gets more than mildly cold on the show. It is because they film in California, where there is no winter. We don’t believe the clothing will indicate the season.

Does Spencer Reid die?

Reid experienced hallucinations during his hospital stay and was visited by his mother, Diana Reid (Jane Lynch). The team finally managed to end the wild goose chase that Lynch was on with their skill and determination. He was killed by a huge plane explosion.

In Season 15, who does Spencer Reid end-up with?

After JJ was shot, those hopes were dashed in Season 15’s premiere. The fourth episode, “Saturday,” also introduced Max, Reid’s new love interest, played by Rachael Cook.

Is Spencer Reid ever able to get a girlfriend after Maeve’s death?

Criminal Minds revealed Reid’s new love interest in the finale of season 15. TVLine has confirmed that Reid’s new love interest, Perception star Rachael Lee Cook, will play the role of JJ following JJ’s confession.