Top 10 Tips for Starting in Basketball

Get yourself kitted

There is not much you need to start, but it is essential to have the right shoes. Starting in Basketball Good support and cushioning are essential for the sport, which involves running and jumping a lot. High-top shoes provide better support for the ankles, but they feel heavier when you play. The downside to mid-top shoes is that they are lighter but don’t offer as much ankle support. Depending on your position and level of competition, you can choose the right pair for you.

Get warm

Before you start playing basketball, it is important to warm up. Warming up can reduce the risk of injury and increase your performance. It is important to warm up properly for basketball. You should warm up to increase your heart rate, and include drills before you begin.

Get in shape

Basketball is physically demanding so you should be as fit as possible. Your stamina and response time will improve if you are in good shape. Running will help you avoid injury. Running can improve your cardiovascular fitness and help you play basketball better. Yoga and other yoga-related activities will enhance your agility and flexibility.

Do it!

Practice is the best thing. The only way to improve your skills in passing, shooting and dribbling is through hard work. It is essential to learn the basics of basketball, especially for beginners.

Use your weak hand to nibble

You should practice dribbling with the weakest hand until you are able to handle the ball with both hands. Keep your head up and not down when dribbling. This will allow you to see the world around you and allows you to control the ball.


You can improve your shooting skills by practicing from different positions every day. You need to know your shooting range. To maintain your technique, you must always keep your follow-through and keep your eyes on the basket’s rim for the duration of your shot.


Basketball is a sport that often overlooks jumping. Basketball players need to be able to jump high for shooting, blocking shots, and rebounding. Vertical jump training is a great way to improve your ability to jump high.

Do not dribble excessively

People make a major mistake when they think they must bounce the ball as hard and as fast as possible while dribbling. When dribbling, keep your knees bent and your head up. Do not dribble the ball higher than your knees. It is better to keep the ball in control and gently bounce it, instead of bouncing it on the ground.

Learn one skill and then learn another.

Mastering a few skills and then learning more will increase your confidence. It’s better to learn how to shoot at a short distance and gradually increase the distance. It is better to learn the basics than try to do a slam-dunk your first practice session. Control is more important than speed when dribbling. This will improve as you practice.

Learn from other players and get a coach who is a great one.

A club can help you develop your game and give you a taste of the game if you already have a passion for it. The finer aspects of the game, such as defensive and attacking strategies, can be learned by watching professionals.

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