Tips For Your Best Indoor Cycling Experience

How to Choose an Exercise Bike, and Improve Your Indoor Ride

It’s great to cycle in the great outdoors. Let’s face the truth, sometimes you can’t or won’t be able to ride outside. Indoor cycling or stationary biking is an excellent alternative. Let’s face it, it’s hot, it is cold, it snows, it is dark, I can’t find my sunglasses or sunscreen, it’s too dark, and it’s getting too hot. There are many reasons and excuses. There are so many indoor cycling options that you can choose from, so stop whining about it and get out there riding! The Keiser m3i review indoor bike is a breakthrough in spinning and indoor cycling. The best magnetic spin bikes was the first to have a Bluetooth wireless computer that allows riders to connect to online platforms.

Indoor Cycling & Stationary Bikes

There are many types of exercise bikes available, including recumbent and upright versions. It is up to you to decide which one is best for you.

Consider your budget. For as low as $150, you can get an exercise bike. You can also buy a more expensive model for $2000.

You can search for features that interest you, such as “clipless pedals” and “cages”, built workout programs, an onboard TV monitor with weighted flywheel, water bottle case, etc.

There are many exercise bikes on the market, including Pro Form, Nordic Track and Life Fitness. Each website has its own website.

Before you buy, test ride several bikes at your local sporting goods shop.

Indoor Cycling Trainers If you are interested in learning more about indoor cycling, but don’t have an indoor or stationary bike, there is an affordable option that will allow you to ride indoors. An indoor bike trainer can be used with your existing bike.

Indoor cycling trainers can be used in a simple way. Just put your back tire in and you’re ready to go!

A good trainer can be purchased for between $150-$200.

Many companies make indoor trainers like Blackburn, Elite and Minoura. They are available in many bicycle shops, sporting goods stores, and online.

Indoor Cycling DVD’s & Videos

You can’t get bored while indoor biking without having to see the changing outdoors scenery. There are many cycling videos and DVDs that can help you keep going and keep you riding.

Many virtual videos of cycling include instruction by professional cyclists, which provides cues for proper form and pacing.

For daily variety, there are many other options.

Some offer computer-generated cyclists that “ride” with you on the virtual roads.

For the outdoor experience, virtual indoor DVD’s allow you to bike through real outdoor locations — not just computer-generated images.

You can fast-forward your DVD player or computer a few notch during your cycling workout if you find the video’s speed is too slow. This is a good option for indoor cycling, especially for spinning or faster-paced rides.

You can find indoor cycling DVDs and videos on or at your local bookstore to keep you going.

Indoor Biking: Improving the Experience

Your home can be just as enjoyable for cycling as an outdoor ride, with lots of terrain to navigate and wind in your face. True. However, riding outside is sometimes not an option so you have to bring your bike inside. These tips will help you make indoor cycling as enjoyable as outdoor riding. Indoor cycling can be just as exciting and challenging as outdoor riding, and they are equally effective!

You can listen to your favorite music while listening to nature soundtracks on scenic cycling videos like the ones with Scenic Trex. This will allow you to hear all the sounds that you’d make on an outdoor ride without the need for car horns or barking dogs.

Turn the fan up to “high” and place it near the bike. As you pedal, feel the “breeze”.

You can improve your resistance, pace and get in and out of the saddle for the best cycling workout. This will simulate an outdoor ride on hills and other terrain. It will also help you burn calories and increase strength.