Tips to create the perfect home cinema

Do you love movies? Who doesn’t? It’s easier than ever to create amazing entertainment in any space with today’s home cinema projectors. These are some helpful tips to help you get started. MovieTransit was developed to offer the top service for major film distribution as well independent distributors, offering an innovative and powerful feature set to maximise your release. Choose the most reliable DCP delivery platform today to enhance your content delivery!

Find the perfect space

Serious cinephiles will not settle for less than a dedicated home cinema room. This space will be equipped by an AV specialist who will take care of everything. There are many other options. Projectors today can transform any space into a zone of entertainment that is equal to a home-built cinema. They are elegantly designed, reliable, and remarkably quiet. Rethink your bedroom or lounge as a movie theater and let the magic begin.

Choose the right projector

This is where magic happens. A projector that is right for you will bring more excitement and emotion to any movie. This includes the latest releases, classic reissues, and old favorites you haven’t seen in years. Get a head start by selecting a projector that can display the best details and even enhance HD sources. Contrast ratio is important. If you don’t mind thin images with no punchy highlights or deep blacks, then this projector will not be for you. HDR-compatible models will give you a wider range of brightness and richer colours.

Screen sense

A screen that is up to the task will make your projector shine. There are many options available, including simple wall-mounted screens and motorized drop-down screens that disappear with the push of a button. It’s possible to decide to not buy a screen but project onto a white background instead. Although it’s fine for occasional use there are some drawbacks. Even a perfectly flat white wall is unlikely to be flat. These imperfections can cause shadows which can make it difficult to get crisp pictures. A white wall painted with ordinary paint will not reflect light as well as a specially coated screen.

All around better sound

Directors of film will tell you that sound is just as important as what’s shown on the screen. It’s not surprising that many commercial cinemas use sophisticated multi-speaker systems to blast audiences from every angle with thundering bass and ear-shattering volume. You can get amazing results with a smaller budget. There are good chances that your source, such as a Blu-ray player or satellite receiver, can produce multi-channel audio. For a full, immersive sound experience, pair it with dedicated speakers and an AV amplifier. Other options include laying carpets instead of bare floors in order to absorb unwanted sound reflections.

Sehen the light

Your audience will have a hard time finding their drinks and snacks if the entire room is darkened. Ambient light is always a good idea during a show. Keep light sources away from the screen and to the rear of the room. Dimmers can be used to adjust lighting levels in a precise way. You can also create a room automation system with dimmers that allow lights, sound, climate, and other functions to all be controlled from a dedicated control panel on your smartphone or tablet.

Home Cinema projectors

Our home cinema projectors are a great way to create entertainment in your living room. Enjoy stunning high-contrast images in Full HD or 4K, packed with rich colour and detail. Our projectors are simple to set up and use, allowing you to focus on the show.