5 Best MLB Hitters

The 2022 season is under way at the National Baseball League (NLB). The league’s last season was cut short due to a worldwide lockdown. This season, the league has resumed its normal format. Fans are allowed to view the matches from the stadium. The regular season will feature 162 matches, while the playoffs will follow a traditional format. We look at the top hitters in MLB 2022/22, since the season has already begun.

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  1. Ronald Acuna Jr.

Since joining the Atlanta Braves, the 23-year-old Venezuelan international has impressed everyone. In his career, he has been named NFL Rookie-of-the-Year and has also been part of the MLB All-Star roster. He has already hit more than 7 home runs in the current season.

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  1. Fernando Tatis Jr.

He is a member of the MLB’s San Diego Padres. Fernando Tatis is known as El Nino. He has scored only two HB this season, and has been out for a few matches with injury. Despite a slow start to the season, it is clear that Fernando Tatis Jr. is one the most skilled hitters in MLB 2022/22.

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  1. Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge is a player for the New York Yankees of the MLB. Judge is an integral part of the team. Judge was slow to start the season, and also missed some matches because of injury. Aaron Judge is still in great form and can make a comeback at any time. To gain momentum, he just needs to win one match.

  1. Mookie Betts

He is a right fielder in the MLB for the Los Angeles Dodgers at age 28. Betts was a member of the NBA All Star Team. Betts started the 2022 season with an average batting of.292 and is aiming to win back-to-back championships with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Mookie is one the most skilled MLB hitters.

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  1. Mike Trout

Mike Trout will be playing in his 10th season as a professional with the Los Angeles Angels. Already, he threw a homer at 155.5 mph, which was his fastest hit in his career. This broke a 2015 record. Mike Trout was a member of the MLB All Stars team eight times during his career. He started the season with flying colors, and is expected to continue his stellar performance throughout the season.