Amazing Tips to Protect Your Retainer

Braces can correct any imperfections in your smile. However, the retainer is what keeps your teeth straight even after braces are removed. Your treatment is dependent on your retainer. It is crucial that you adhere to the instructions of your orthodontist regarding how it should be used.

As important as following the instructions, taking care of your retainer is equally important. It doesn’t matter if your retainer is for your child or your teen; you need to be responsible and follow these guidelines to ensure they are safe and effective.

Sporting Smiles’ orthodontists are happy and able to share some great tips for protecting your retainer.

A retainer case is a good way to keep your retainer safe. Keep your retainer safe in a case. Retainers can easily be damaged or thrown away if they are not protected. Brightly colored cases can be a visual reminder to keep your retainer with you when you’re rushing during summer months.

Make sure your retainer is clean. Keep your retainer clean. Regular cleaning of your retainer is easy with a toothbrush and toothpaste. You can also soak it in cool water with baking soda to avoid potential dangers. This will prevent bacteria from growing in your mouth and stop unpleasant odors.

Before you eat, take your retainer. Before you eat, remove the retainer and return it to its original container. This will prevent food and plaque from getting stuck in your teeth. Be careful not to put it on your plate, or on a napkin that could accidentally be thrown away.

Keep your retainer out of direct heat. Your retainer was designed to fit perfectly in your mouth and aid you in the final leg of your orthodontic treatment. However, excessive heat can cause the retainer to melt or warp. Your retainer should be kept away from heat sources such as dishwashers, hot cars, hot drinks, and windowsills. While you may think that boiling water will disinfect your retainer, it is going to cause irreparable damage.

You should avoid using chemicals to clean your retainer. To keep your retainer clean, you don’t need to use any alcohol-based toothpastes. You can use water and toothpaste to clean your retainer. You can also soak the retainer in mild vinegar if you want it to be clean. Any more could cause irreparable damage to the retainer.

A new retainer may be necessary. Retainers can become worn out, making your mouth feel strange. This could be an indication that your retainer needs to be replaced. However, this does not mean that you should attempt to alter your retainer yourself. Instead, leave it to Sporting Smiles professionals. You should consult your dentist if you experience discomfort. They can make the necessary adjustments.

Before you use your retainer, brush your teeth. A retainer that isn’t clean will only make it more difficult to use and could spread bacteria. You should not brush your teeth while your retainer is on. This will cause you to not clean your teeth properly. Brush your teeth first, then your retainer, if you are already in the motion.

It is important to be gentle when you put it on or take it off. Retainers can be fragile so be gentle when putting it on and taking it off. It is common for people to flip the retainer with their tongues, but this can be a quick way to remove it. Do not use too much force to remove it.

Take care of it! This can be difficult, especially for children and teens. Because they are made from plastic and wires, retainers can easily break so it is important to take care of them in a safe and caring way. When not in use, they should be stored in a container and out of reach for pets and toddlers.

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