Tottenham Hotspur and their quest to the top – 2021-22 predictions & ticket information

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, commonly known in the football world as Tottenham or the Spurs, is a force never to be taken lightly. The Spurs are a top tier English football club that are coming up the ranks but is often sidelined in the final few stages.

Luck has been something that has not been with the London club, where they’ve come close to silverware on many occasions and missed out on in the final hurdle. However, the talent available at Spurs is nothing short of brilliant. The trophy drought is one of the biggest challenges that the club faces in modern times, with them winning the trophy last in 1990-91. Since then, Spurs have tried several occasions but failed.

The Spurs boasts of a newly built stadium – the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium that has been its new home since 2019, and a loyal fan base that sticks with the club through thick and thin.

Club Overview

Home Ground: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Address: 782 High Rd, London N17 0BX, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 344 844 0102

Capacity: 62,850

Club colours: White

Club Captain: Hugo Lloris

Club Manager: Antonio Conte

Current league position: 8th

Expected finish: 4th

A little bit of history 

Initially, the Spurs were named the Hotspur Football club by a group of schoolboys in 1882. After the then Hotspur Cricket Club players wanted to play sports during the winter, the football club came into existence.

In 1884, the club was renamed Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and went professional in 1895, entering the Division One of the Southern League. The Spurs were one of the five founding clubs of the Premier League, and since then, the club has always tried to be within the top 8.

Several great players have donned the Spurs jersey, including Gareth Bale and Luka Modric. The year 2016-17 season was one of the best seasons that the club has seen where Spurs finished second in the league behind Leicester City under Mauricio Pochettino.

In 2019, Pochettino took the team to their first-ever UEFA Champions League final after a breathtaking semifinal clash but emerged second best to an exceptional Liverpool side. Pochettino was then sacked in the early weeks f the 2019-20 season for a poor run.

Managers have been an issue for the Spurs as the high expectations don’t get met within the short span. Pochettino, who took the Spurs to heights the club had never seen before, saw the axe after the team dropped to 14th place in the 2019-20 season.

Since then, the club has had legendary manager Jose Mourinho for 17 months and was sacked in April 2021. At the start of the 2021-22 season, Wolves manager, the Portugal national Nuno Espirito Santo, was appointed as manager only to be sacked four months after taking charge.

Currently, the club is managed by Antonio Conte.

Team performance 

The 2021-22 season has been one with ups and downs for the side. In their 30th season in the Premier League, the club was deeply disturbed due to the changes in the management. Even with the addition of Antonio Conte, the Spurs are yet to find their usual rhythm of play.

  • However, the likes of Harry Kane and Heung-min Son in the forwards, along with goalkeeper Hugo Lloris have been exceptional.

Tottenham missed out on UEFA Champions League action and made it to the UEFA Europa Conference League, but they could not do anything in the competition and did not make it past the group stage.

Tottenham Hotspur participation in the 2021-22 tournaments:

  • The Premier League
  • The FA Cup – third round
  • EFL Cup – semi-finalists (lost to Chelsea 3-0 on aggregate)
  • UEFA Europa Conference League (group stage)

The league season started for the Spurs on a good note, with the team winning against Manchester City 1-0. They followed up the success by recording two more wins with the Wolves and Watford. But since then, there was little to talk about Tottenham. The Spurs performed decently well with the top tier clubs, but their performance in the starting weeks of 2022 have been their downside.

After winning against Leicester City 2-3 in January, the Spurs lost three games consecutively to drop points. Their recent win against Manchester City with an injury-time goal from Harry Kane set the tone back for the Spurs, but the team lost the next against Burnley 1-0.

However, Tottenham still has hope as they look for that final UEFA Champions League qualifying position and hope that they will finish 4th in this year’s league table.

The journey to 4th is not going to be easy, as the team needs to win all of their remaining fixtures.

Upcoming fixtures

Leeds United – 26th February

Middlesbrough – 2nd March

Everton – 8th March

Manchester United – 12th March

Brighton – 17th March

West Ham – 20th March

Newcastle – 3rd April

Aston Villa – 9th April

Brighton – 16th April

Brentford – 23rd April

Leicester City – 30th April

Liverpool – 7th May

Burney – 15th May

Norwich City – 22nd May

The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium 

The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is regarded as one of the most futuristic stadiums that is a new benchmark for stadium designs. The stadium delivers a unique viewing experience and comes equipped with a fully retractable pitch.

The stadium, Tottenham’s new home since 2019, has a capacity of 62,203 and is now a major landmark in London. As a Spurs fan, getting Tottenham tickets to watch a game at the newly built stadium will be a dream come true. Even if you are not a fan of the Spurs, every football fan needs to be purchasing a Tottenham ticket simply because the atmosphere is electrifying.

The stadium delivers one of the best matchday atmospheres worldwide, bringing spectators closer to the pitch than any other ground in the United Kingdom. Inside the stadium, you cannot help notice its large curved roof that helps to bring an immersive experience all around the stadium.

Despite the oval shape and interconnected nature, there are four stands demarcated to which you could be purchasing Tottenham tickets on a match day.

The West Stand is the ‘Main Stand’, having the team dugouts situated out front. At the North End (or Paxton End as it is also known), the stand is three-tiered, whilst opposite the club have built the single largest stand in the country. Although this stand has just two tiers, it has 17,500 seats in 82 rows and is impressive.

Each of the top tiers of the stands is semi-circular in look. Away fans will find seating in the lower deck of the North-East corner of the stadium with 3,000 seats. The adjoining tiers will also be allocated for the visiting fans with Tottenham tickets if there’s a larger crowd.

Purchasing Tottenham tickets

It is safe to say that the Tottenham fans are loyal to their club. They’ve not had significant success, but the stadium will be packed with fans on all weekend match-days. This gives a clear indication of the competitiveness of Tottenham tickets.

There’s also another sector of fans who want to make the trip to the stadium to feel the atmosphere. That might be one of the main reasons why the away stands increase in tiers on important match days.

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