Burger chain now has robots cooking your food

This popular You might soon see a new employee at your favorite fast-food joint. One new invention is being tested at White Castle locations. Technology is always being improved.

Many grocery stores already use robots and new technology to scan shelves and determine which shelves need to be replenished. This sarma recept reduces the number of employees on the floor and makes it safer, especially during coronavirus outbreaks.

White Castle’s robot makes french fries, but not for scanning or stocking. According to WBBJ Jackson, Tennessee, the large robotic arm uses artificial Intelligence to catch uncooked fries and drop them into oil for fry. The robot gives the fries a shake every now and again to ensure they are evenly distributed. Employees can socialize more effectively because they don’t need to interact with each other during cooking.

Miso Robotics was responsible for the creation of the machine and other similar robots that can cook other foods. USA Today reports that Flippy will soon be the new burger-making machine for the chain.

White Castle released a statement saying that the deployment would allow autonomous frying to be used for increased production speeds, better labor allocation and an additional layer of safety and health in the cooking process.

White Castle claims that robots will not replace employees. Robotic food preparation means that humans can also take care of the rest, such as delivering orders and cleaning.

Flippy was also tested at another California burger chain (reports state it was slow). It was also seen at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles in 2018, flipping chicken nuggets or tater tots.

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