Levi Ackerman

Appearance of Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman is a short, straight, black man with a cut curtain. He also has intimidating, dull gray eyes and dark circles under his eyes. His face looks young. Although he is short, his body is strong due to extensive vertical maneuvering equipment use. His expressions are usually frowning or expressionless. This, combined with his calm demeanour, makes it hard for others to guess what his thoughts are.

His Survey Corps uniform is his most common attire. He wears a light gray button-up shirt under it and his white ascot. He also wears the green hooded cloak of the Survey Corps when he embarks on expeditions beyond the Walls. Levi Ackerman was once seen in a black suit and plain white shirt with an ascot. He has not worn the ascot since the coup d’etat began. He wore his vertical maneuvering harness over casual clothing for most of the time Survey Corps was under siege from the monarchy and military. [citation needed]

Following a close encounter with a Thunder Spear explosion set off by Zeke Yeager Levi now suffers from several scars, including one across the right eye. He also has missing his index and middle finger on his right hand.

Personality of Levi Ackerman

Levi, who was born in the early years of his childhood, is known as a “clean freak”. He prefers a clean environment and a spotless self. He doesn’t like having his equipment or himself soiled and will often wipe his blood-stained blades while he is still on the field. He will touch filth if necessary.

Levi Ackerman’s obsession with cleaning is evident

Levi, despite his obsession with cleanliness is not very approachable. Levi is very cold and does not show emotion. His style of speaking is often blunt and even insulting. His comments are sometimes inappropriate or coarse. He doesn’t mind provoking and belittleing those who disagree with him or are irritable. His humor is often vulgar, infuriating, and dark. This makes him very unsettling for many people.

Levi Ackerman was a criminal in his pre-Survey Corps life. He lived in Underground City and refused to accept orders (Pertra Ral says Eren). However, he had great faith in his comrades. This trust would be extended to his subordinates. He came to respect Commander Erwin Smith after he joined Survey Corps. His orders are followed willingly as he believes in Erwin’s vision for the Corps.

levi ackerman obedience can only be given to those he respects and he will not tolerate authority from others. Eren’s tribunal: he called merchants “pigs” and said that they weren’t competent enough to handle Eren. He also mocked several MPs by saying that they had never seen or fought a Titan. He suggested that they join Survey Corps, which was rejected by them. He openly resents the majority of the MPs for their incessant attempts to undermine Survey Corps. This is also likely due to the criminal life he lead before joining the Corps.

Even though he doesn’t often show it, Levi is a strong believer in morality and empathy. He is known for his great concern for human life. This is particularly evident when it was discovered that all Titans may have been once human. He is greatly disturbed by the thought that he unknowingly had been killing people all his life. Although levi ackerman had no ill will against Eren, it was willing to use violence to save his life at the tribunal. Eren eventually asked Eren if he resents him for the beating. Levi has said that he doesn’t like unnecessary casualties and tells his subordinates that they should use their judgement to avoid making costly mistakes that could endanger their lives.

Beats Eren at the Military Tribunal

He cares deeply about his subordinates’ wellbeing due to their dangerous profession and personal values. This can be seen many times. Levi was visibly upset that so many of his soldiers had been killed in a futile mission when he was ordered to retreat to Wall Rose at Wall Rose’s end of the 57th Expedition. He risked his life to save Eren and Mikasa from the Female Titan later. Petra’s father approached them as they entered the gate and cheerfully spoke about his daughter and her devotion to the Survey Corps. His daughter had just died. Levi didn’t speak up as he was too distraught to respond. Levi was clearly affected by the death of his entire Special Operations Squad at hands of the Female Titan. He stated that he carried the will of his fallen comrades and that their collective grudge towards the Titans strengthens his determination to fight on.

Levi is independent, despite his obedience to Erwin. Most of Levi’s Titan kills are done alone, with little cooperation from others soldiers. This is due to the fact that he often assigns them to hunt Titans nearby. While Levi is respected by many and does not hesitate in giving orders, he doesn’t see himself as a leader the same way Erwin does. He doesn’t seem to be a fan of hierarchy and leaves the decision-making up to his subordinates as much as possible.

Although levi ackerman knows his battle skills are in a different league than those of most human soldiers, he doesn’t seem arrogant about them. He has learned from experience that no human soldier can be invulnerable. He is confident that he can accomplish certain difficult tasks because he has demonstrated his ability.

Levi is loyal and compassionate to his comrades but he does not show mercy towards the Titans. He slaughters them in indiscriminate and with apparent indifference. Although the Titans were once close friends and subordinates of Levi, he can briefly pause and wonder if their actions are still being reflected in their Titan forms. However, Levi has not shown any problem killing them. Levi can be a sadist, or even vindictive when dealing with people he considers enemies of mankind. Levi, for example, reminisced about his delight at seeing the Female Titan suffer and detailed in chilling detail how it was he planned to mutilate her body. Djel Sannes was also subject to his torture with Hange Zoe. He punched him and twisted his nose. He defeated Zeke Yeager again, and sadistically stated that he would torture Zeke for his crimes against Paradis, the Survey Corps, and impale him with a Thunder Spear. Levi shows no emotion except bloodlust as he meticulously slits Zeke’s legs.