Six “Fall Sports” Options for Children

Soccer in the Fall Sports

Soccer is a great choice for children who have never been on a team. Co-ed soccer is a popular fall sports for younger children. They learn the basics of the sport and don’t have to compete against each other in games. Players age and are often divided into the same-sex team and play each other in full, or half-field, games.

Cross Country 

Cross country is a popular sport, but it is best to start cross country in middle school. However, there are youth running leagues all over the country. Cross country is great for children who love running. Teams and individuals race in the outdoors on varied terrain in order to be the fastest. Cross country can be considered both an individual sport and a team sport in fall. Runners are judged on their personal time as well as the team’s.


Football is a fall classic and for many, it marks the start of the changing seasons. Most schools offer football as an afterschool activity starting in middle school. However, there are many youth leagues available for those who wish to get involved earlier. The youngest footballers begin playing flag football, before progressing to full-contact tackle football.

Ice Hockey in Fall Sports

Ice hockey is a fun and fast sport that can be played by children who love the ice. It takes place in the winter and fall. Ice hockey is played indoors on a rink. The goal is to place the puck in the opponent’s back. Although the fall sports is similar to soccer, ice hockey players use hockey sticks to move the puck (instead of kicking it). They also dart on the ice using ice skates.


Acrobatics (flips, stunts) and balance are two of the key components to cheerleading. Cheerleading can be used to support other fall sports teams, but cheerleading can also be used as a competitive sport. Cheerleading is a great sport for children who enjoy dancing and tumbling.

Lacrosse in Fall Sports

Lacrosse, the oldest native sport in North America, is simple to pick up and it is growing in popularity each year. It has been the fastest-growing team sport over the last twenty years. Each player is given a stick with a net at the end. This net allows them to catch and throw a rubber ball. The fall sports are used to score goals by putting the ball in the net of the opposing team. Although women’s crosse is non-contact, men’s hockey requires additional protective gear.