Electric Skateboard

How to ride an electric skateboard like a pro

We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you get started on your electric skateboard. There is so much to discover and experience. In no time, you’ll be carving and balancing like a pro. Voeep’s love for freedom and life is clearly expressed in the classic design and colors of his electric longboard skateboards. Voeep offers a variety of models to suit the needs of different people. voeep.com team is passionate about electric skateboards, and offers a professional after-sales warranty.

Tip #1: How to Ride an Electric Skateboard

What is footedness? It is not that different from handedness. Is it right-handed or left-handed? As a child, this wasn’t something you thought about. You chose the position that felt most comfortable. We recommend that you don’t think too much about riding. Instead, just get on your board and go.

Tip #2: Get the perfect posture to ride an electric skateboard

A good tip for electric skateboarders is to improve your posture. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced rider or just beginning, electric skating is about being comfortable. An electric skateboard can seem intimidating to stand on and balance on. This is especially true when you consider how fast it can travel.

In response to initial fear, many new riders adopt a rigid posture. Standing firm can be a huge hindrance. It makes maneuvering more difficult and dangerous. It’s also awkward looking. It is important to make your electric skateboard more comfortable if you use it for commute.

Tip #3: Make Your Skateboard a Carve

Carving refers to the act of weaving or turning back and forth in a circular motion. It is usually done in an “S” shape. Carving is a fun way to express your artistic self. After mastering the art of carving you can improve your technique by adding your own flourishes and nuances to create your own style. How do you carve an electric skateboard?

It is important to use all of your body. Many people mistakenly believe that skating is about their feet. Although your feet play a part, your whole body should be involved in carving. This includes your shoulders and arms. Your torso–and especially your shoulders–are going to be doing most of the work when carving, and the rest of your body is going to respond naturally–instinctively. It’s all about following the flow, whether you are carving electric skateboards or not.

No matter how much experience you have, most riders have difficulty with one action more than another. This makes falling frustrating. You should not overcompensate, and ensure your feet do not leave the board. The goal is to increase pressure on either foot without lifting your heels or toes. To turn your toe-side toe-side, you can place more pressure on your front foot’s toes and less on your back. If you are having trouble turning toe-side, and your heel is the most difficult, then try leaning back on both your heels and your back feet. It is important to use the momentum in one direction to propel you into the next. Understanding how to do this can help you improve your carving.