What are the Pros and Con of “Wisconsin Swimming”?

A Wisconsin swimmer can be described as a master of all trades. This means that you can be good at a lot of things, but not at all. Many wisconsin swimming find this experience helpful as they search for their true path.

Most kids eventually find they like one event better than the others. They discover that their bodies are designed to move in ways that help their stroke and they begin to create their swimming identity.


  • Coach loves Wisconsin swimming Anywhere and Everywhere

Flexibility is going to make you a hit with your coach. Your ability to swim in so many events and do them well will make your coach feel comfortable placing you anywhere. Imagine your opponent is strong in the IM events.

  • Mix and match your workouts/Practices Wisconsin Swimming

There is nothing better than having “choice” written on the boards and having a wide range of events to choose. You are just doing the rounds in the strokes when everyone else is swimming freestyle. Because you don’t know what you can expect, every practice is a surprise.

  • Avoid Boredom in Wisconsin Swimming

There is nothing more boring than doing the same thing day after day. You learn new things every day as a Wisconsin swimmer. There is so much to be learned and so many areas where you can focus and make progress.

  • You are a best-kept secret

Your competitors can’t possibly predict where you will be in the line-up when there are so many events available. Your season bests will place you among the top five in six events. This means that your competition must use their guessing skills to predict which events you’ll swim. You have the option to choose which stroke you want to swim, unlike the wisconsin swimming specialists who are only competitive in 50, 100, and 200 of their respective strokes.


  • Coach loves Wisconsin Swimming Anywhere and Everywhere

This idea can be both a pro as well as a cons. Although it’s nice to have a coach who is confident in you and can take you wherever you need to go, it puts a lot on your shoulders to be successful. It can be difficult to prepare for meet days when you are thrown in to different events and don’t know what you will need to do each day.

  • Nothing can become “Your Thing.”

The best events can make a swimmer’s personality. Swimming specialists can bond with others who are also successful in their chosen areas. They know where they are and can find their friends when practice is divided into stroke lanes. Wisconsin Swimming doesn’t have this. They can’t find their niche, the place they belong.

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