Lowa Western Football: Bowl game cancelled for fall season

After announcing it would not play in a bowl game this weekend, the Iowa Western football season is over.

The Reivers will be ranked No. 4 after finishing their regular season. The Reivers finished their regular season with a record 7-1. This is due to scheduling conflicts that made it difficult to schedule a bowl game.

Many players hoped to play at least one more match, but Scott Strohmeier, Reiver coach, says after much discussion, it didn’t happen.

Strohmeier stated that the main thing was to play the highest-ranked opponent possible. “After failing to find an opponent, it was decided that we would not play anyone because iowa western football we didn’t want anyone lower than the top five. We decided to move on and prepare for the next season.

According to reports, the Reivers reached Out to No. Strohmeier stated that they reached out to No. 6 Kilgore College also participated in the bowl game.

None of the dates were ever associated with either team in the end

This season is over. The NJCAA will resume iowa western football in the fall. The Reivers are now ready to start the fall season, which will begin in September.

The Reivers currently have six games on the schedule for next season. Strohmeier stated that he and the program want to have anywhere from nine to eleven games on the schedule before the season is over.

Strohmeier stated that six of the games are already in Iowa western football for fall, and that he hopes to find at least three or five more.

The new season will start in a month. The incoming freshman will arrive on campus on June 27, while the returners will return on July 27. Things will quickly get underway to begin the fall season after these dates.

Strohmeier stated that they will spend the majority of July with their freshmen, which will allow them to evaluate them. There will be different rules this season. However, Aug 2 is the time we can do conditioning and weightlifting with Iowa Western football. The helmets will be delivered on August 9th. Position drills will begin on Aug 9. Camp will start on Aug 16. We’re going to see things move quickly.”