Vinyl “Basketball Gym” Flooring

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Multipurpose gyms and gymnasiums love sports vinyl. Vinyl looks like hardwood and provides shock absorption and comfort for athletes. Vinyl flooring is great for spaces that host conferences, parties and assemblies. Vinyl Basketball Gym flooring is installed most often by Abacus in schools and churches due to its multi-functionality.

Low maintenance

Vinyl gym flooring is water-resistant and has a non-linear texture which allows for traction, but does not gather dirt. To remove dust, it can be easily dried-swept. Regularly using a damp mop and the recommended detergent will keep your floor looking new and vibrant. You can find more information on vinyl flooring maintenance in our previous blogs.

Durability and resilience

Vinyl is strong and durable, and can be installed correctly for many years. This durability can be achieved without the need  for phthalate (a chemical used in plastic manufacturing). The floor is safer for end users without the use of phthalate. The floor’s elastic and flexible properties help it last longer and keep its quality even after years of sports and other activities.

Affordability Basketball GYM

Vinyl flooring is typically cheaper than other options. Tarkett Omnisports vinyl floors are more affordable than other flooring options due to their ability to be installed in as low as 92% relative humidity. Tarkett GreenLay flooring is not fully adhered to the subfloor and allows for a 20% faster installation. Vinyl doesn’t require resurfacing, so it has a much lower lifetime cost than flooring that does.

Multi-Functionality Basketball GYM

Vinyl is one of most versatile sports floors. Vinyl is great for indoor activities such as basketball and volleyball. It can handle multiple sports and is durable enough to be used for assemblies, dances, conferences, and other events. Vinyl mimics the look and feel of maple hardwood floors, in addition to its practical applications. Vinyl can be used to achieve your desired look with the same functionality as a sports floor.


Vinyl is resilient to temperature and humidity changes. Vinyl doesn’t lose its level from fluctuations. This is why Tarkett Vinyl Sports Flooring excels over other types of vinyl basketball courts.


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